Thursday, January 6, 2011

Share the love for 2015 AFC Asian Cup

ANZ Stadium in Sydney will host the Final
In light of Australia’s confirmation as host of the 2015 AFC Asian Cup, and the reaction to the non-inclusion of Adelaide and Perth in Australia’s bid, I have revised my plan of 2-3 years ago for what I believe would be an all inclusive Asian Cup.

Logistically it may cause some issues for some nations and The AFC, however it would ensure that all major markets (i.e. those with an A-League side) have the chance to host the largest Football tournament in Asia and one of the largest in the world.

I have used the 2011 AFC Asian Cup groups and dates as a guide.

Here is my proposal:

Group A
Cities: Melbourne & Sydney (one game in Brisbane so that Australia play in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane at least once)

Korea Republic

Australia vs India – Etihad Stadium – 7th January
Bahrain vs Korea Republic – Sydney Football Stadium – 8th January

Australia vs Korea Republic – ANZ Stadium – 12th January
India vs Bahrain – AAMI Park – 12th January

Australia vs Bahrain – Suncorp Stadium – 16th January
Korea Republic vs India – Sydney Football Stadium – 16th January

Group B
Cities: Adelaide and Perth


Qatar vs Uzbekistan – Hindmarsh Stadium – 9th January
Kuwait vs China – nib Stadium – 9th January

China vs Qatar – Hindmarsh Stadium – 13th January
Uzbekistan vs Kuwait – nib Stadium – 13th January

Qatar vs Kuwait – Hindmarsh Stadium – 17th January
China vs Uzbekistan – nib Stadium – 17th January

Group C
Cities: Gosford and Newcastle

DPR Korea

DPR Korea vs UAE – Bluetongue Stadium – 10th January
Iran vs Iraq – EnergyAustralia Stadium – 10th January

Iran vs DPR Korea – EnergyAustralia Stadium – 14th January
UAE vs Iraq – Bluetongue Stadium – 14th January

Iraq vs DPR Korea – Bluetongue Stadium – 18th January
UAE vs Iran – EnergyAustralia Stadium – 18th January

Group D
Cities: Brisbane and Gold Coast (one game in Melb to compensate for Group A game involving Australia being played in Brisbane)

Saudi Arabia

Japan vs Jordan – Suncorp Stadium – 11th January
Saudi Arabia vs Syria – Skilled Park – 11th January

Jordan vs Saudi Arabia – Suncorp Stadium – 15th January
Syria vs Japan – Skilled Park – 15th January

Saudi Arabia vs Japan – Melbourne Rectangular Stadium – 19th January
Jordan vs Syria – Skilled Park – 19th January

At this stage of the tournament, the tournament becomes an "East Coast" event to minimise the effects of travel and due to the fact that neither Perth or Adelaide have a stadium suitable of hosting a QF or better.

Quarter Finals
Uzbekistan vs Korea Republic – Suncorp Stadium – 21st January
Australia vs China – ANZ Stadium – 21st January
Iran vs Saudi Arabia – Skilled Park – 22nd January
Japan vs Iraq – AAMI Park – 22nd January

Semi Finals
Australia vs Japan – Etihad Stadium – 25th January
Korea Republic vs Saudi Arabia – Sydney Football Stadium – 25th January

Third Place Playoff
Japan vs Saudi Arabia – Suncorp Stadium – 28th January

Australia vs Korea Republic – ANZ Stadium – 29th January

Matches per Stadium
Sydney Football Stadium - 3
ANZ Stadium - 3
AAMI Park - 3
Etihad Stadium - 2
Suncorp Stadium - 5
Skilled Park - 4
Hindmarsh Stadium - 3
nib Stadium - 3
EnergyAustralia Stadium - 3
Bluetongue Stadium – 3

Matches per City
Sydney – 6
Melbourne – 5
Brisbane – 5
Gold Coast – 4
Adelaide – 3
Perth – 3
Gosford – 3
Newcastle – 3


  1. I like this much more than what will actually happen. Though perhaps Qld could have hosted A and allow the Big markets NSW and Melbourne a full group each and then one for WA/SA. Seems od to give the Coast/Newcastle a full group but make Melbourne and Sydney share.

    I think the problem with organising an Asian cup in Oz, would really want to see the draw before deciding who plays where for best effect :(

    Some teams could draw well but only in the right market or with the right matchups. I look at your scenario for group D and all those games are tough to market with the best being anything that features Japan. You could sell it based on their star power and then do double headers since we are using such large stadiums.

  2. Haha, I knew I'd get one comment about Tasmania.

    Thanks for the feedback Roarchild, it's a hard balancing act to include everyone and by no means is my plan perfect. But I hope it at least creates some discussion for other options.